“I’ll never forget the day I decided to become a chiropractor. I had a curvature as a child and was lucky enough to have open-minded parents who took me to Dr. Michael Wichers, the chiropractor. He took great care of my family and me. One day, my mother was literally carried into Dr. Michael’s office in my father’s arms. I was about seven years old. Needless to say, I was freaked out. I watched Dr. Michael search for and find the cause of the problem. He eased my mother’s pain, and she, amazingly, walked out of his office that day. I was hooked and couldn’t wait to help people that way for the rest of my life. The rest is history.”

— Dr. Cara Olsen, D.C.

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Dr. Cara Olsen has been adjusted since she was two years old and was trained under a third generation chiropractor. Besides having an enthusiastic love for chiropractic, she is a fun, basketball-playing, snowboarding musician. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from UW-Whitewater, Wisconsin, and her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Western States Chiropractic College, Portland, Oregon. She also completed two years as an instructing assistant of advanced extremity and cranial clinical adjusting technique. During the first two years of her professional experience, she opened her practice while providing vacation relief for other chiropractors and running other doctors’ successful practices.

In 2006, Dr. Olsen opened Just For the Health of It, a multidisciplinary clinic that currently has three locations and has just one location currently grossing 1.8 million in revenue.  Presently, Dr. Cara Olsen is serving as a lecturer for medical professions, continuing education series, and consulting new clinics, while treating patients fifty hours a month in her twelve-year-old patient practice.

Dr. Olsen works globally as a Certified Demartini Facilitator, removing emotional blockages and imbalances in healthcare providers, leaders, and patients’ lives. In addition, she is a well-rounded provider, being the chiropractor for football, rugby, windsurfing, and skiing professionals, but also newborns and grandparents; she loves to treat whole families.

Dr. Olsen is a published author, consultant for business’s ready to scale, and speaker. She is licensed to practice chiropractic by the Oregon State Board of Chiropractic Examiners, the Hawaiian State Board of Medical Examiners, and the Washington State Health Commission. She has been in private practice in Hawaii and Washington for twelve years. Dr. Olsen has been privileged to have had the most amazing patients and experienced the most wonderful opportunities all over the world. Because she has studied on many continents, she can apply a unique perspective to your clinic, studies, or as a patient with your ailments. In addition, she has earned experience with many interesting and challenging chiropractic case studies involving advanced concussion and head trauma, and neurology, autoimmune, and advanced emotional stress-causing disorders.

Dr. Olsen holds an active membership with the American Chiropractic Association and teaches thirty seminars a year in Washington, Hawaii, and Colorado.

Dr. Olsen loves to have management conferences at the beach and to be able to work with her team over good food.

In between adjusting patients, sometimes there is time for some surfing 🙂