“Can you hear your employees having fun and doing what they love?”

Making Your Customer Clear Why You Are Here

  • If you have a brand how did you pick it, does it work for you, and if not how do you find the right brand for you? – 49.00
  • How do you communicate to others what brand you have – 99.00
  • Why you shouldn’t do what everyone else is doing and how to do new strategies to get new patients that bring you your favorite customer now – 99.00
  • How do you track if you brand, niche, treatments and marketing are producing what you need to justify the expenses of getting yourself known – 99.00

Package Deal – 299.00

Team Building Activities That Increase Productivity

  • How to implement games effectively so the staff participates – 49.00
  • How to Match the games to what interests the office team – 49.00
  • Accountability procedures so they know you care and check – 49.00
  • Training procedure videos so you can have your manager watch and implement for you (set of videos) – 99.00

Package Deal – 199.00

Statistics: The GPS For Your Business

  • Gather what you need to know to make crucial decisions in your office about staff: promo, time off, raise, project sheets – 49.00
  • Hiring, marketing, and environmental flow – 149.00
  • Numbers will tell you current efficiency, look at the wrong numbers and next year suffers with less profits and more work to do. How to gather appropriate numbers and key performance indicators! – 99.00
  • How to delegate collection of KPI’s and when to meet – 99.00
  • How to hold office meetings and be fun – 99.00
  • How to delegate office meetings so they produce results – 149.00

Package Deal – 399.99

“We help you mine for golden nuggets in your company”